No Surge Prices

We think surge prices are old fashion, so we got rid of them. You'll never have to worry about breaking the bank again on a late night out!

Friendly Drivers

Always be in good company with our amazing drivers. Whether you want to chat, or just listen to your music.

Emergency Angel Rides

Found someone passed out or being followed home at night? Call Sophie's Angels and we'll be there for you!

No Distance Too Short

It doesn't matter if its 2 doors down the road or 3 hours out of town, Sophie's Angels will be there to pick you up!

Flexible Payment Options

Need to get somewhere but payday is just too far away? No Problem! Just call through to Sophie's Angels and let us know.

Booking Ahead

With the ability to book in advance, you can keep ahead of schedule and know your driver will always be there on time.

Want to be a Sophie's Angels Driving Partner?

Sophie's Angels is hiring drivers in the Christchurch area.


A Quick Insight Into Our Work

Sophie's Angels is the Passenger Service that cares. We currently provide a wide range of passenger transport services including a emergency system for those who are in a vulnerable situation (E.g. Too intoxicated to get home on their own).

Last year, we joined forces with many bars and establishments around Wellington to help provide them with a solution and procedures for how to handle situations with vulnerable or 'at-risk' patrons within their establishment. After this system was quickly adopted and used, we realized that it needed to be made available to the wide public.

Our goals for 2019 is to educate the public about the 'By-Stander Affect' and help prevent situations where people are left in an unsafe environment.

We will also be launching our new mobile app this year which will allow customers to quickly book and manage their rides at the touch of a button. This app will also include a feature for our Angel System which will allow them to call for an Angel Ride for themselves or another person.