Sophies Angels Goals

In 2020, we plan to launch our new mobile app which will contain a feature allowing users to call for an angel ride for themselves or others with only the click of a few buttons. For more information about our Angel System, click here.

We are hoping we can make this service available to the currently established emergency services in the near future to help relieve the load on their resources during busy times of the day.

2019 Goals

The By-Stander Affect

In 2019 we ran the ‘Stop the By-Stander Affect’ campaign to help raise awareness of the by-stander affect and how to break the cycle.

Driving Partner APP Launch

Driving Partner APP released to drivers.

From 2018 – 2019, to keep up with our competition we developed the Driving Partners APP for our drivers to use.

2018 Goals

The Angel System:

One of our major goals for 2018 was to implement the Angel System here in Wellington which helps bars/establishments to get customers home when they are in distress.
After our Angel System was quickly adopted and use by the bars we approached, we knew it needed to be available to the wider public with many establishments and bars taking on the initiative to provide their patrons with a safe way to get home.

By the end of 2018 The Angel System was made available to the general public to use.

2017 Goals

Heaps of big ideas, lots of small steps…