Service Details

With Sophie’s Angels, we offer scheduled rides with fixed rates so you can manage your school budget with certainty.

Ride prices are negotiated and fixed from point-point (Home to School) which means we can give you the cheapest price possible to help save the strain on your wallet.

Scheduled rides have a 1 month (30 Days) grace period before outstanding fees will be applied.

Parents can request that their child is walked to and from the classroom at pickup/drop-off.

You can also request a driver so you and your kids can feel comfortable they know who’s driving them around.

This service is only available for passengers under the age of 18.


Getting Setup

To setup scheduled school rides, you can text/call 022 649 1439 or email through to

Know any other school kids needing a ride to the same place?
We offer discounted car pooling options to the same schools.