Just some of the services we offer!

Angel Cards

Angel Cards can be redeemed for a free ride home and can be issued to customers by bar managers.

Angel Shots

A great service for getting you out of a sticky situation. See more here.

Emergency Services

In a sticky situation at a bar? Need to get away from where you are? Call or text Sophies Angels with the keyword 'Angel' and we will make sure to have a ride there in no time!

School Pickups

For trips to and from school, we can make sure your kids gets there safely and on time with the additional option to be accompanied onto the school grounds which is great for younger passengers.

Booking Ahead

With the ability to book in advance, you can keep ahead of schedule and know your driver will always be there on time.

Loyalty Cards

Use our service a lot? Request a loyalty card for any of our drivers and get great discounts for future rides.

Delayed Payments

Need to get somewhere but payday is just too far away? No Problem! Just call through to Sophies Angels and let us know.

No Rides Too Short

It doesn't matter if its 2 doors down the road or 3 hours out of town, Sophies Angels will be there to pick you up!

Female Focused

Providing an all around safe, friendly environment for everyone with the addition of other services to support women and members of the LGBTQ community in times of need.

Need a quote?

To get a quick estimate of how much the trip will cost, you can visit our Trip Calculator or by calling or texting to 022 649 1439. We do not have sur-charges so prices wont change at peak times.

As a quick example of our pricing, below are some pre-calculated rides for common routes our customers take.

Common Routes Across Town

  • Wellington Airport to Courtney Place - $20
  • Newtown to Wadestown - $22
  • Courtney Place to Brooklyn - $13
  • Karori to Newtown - $23

Common Routes Out Of Town

  • Courtney Place to Petone - $46
  • Wellington Airport to Petone - $56
  • Courtney Place to Porirua Mall - $60