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Invitation to "Women's Words" Reception:

28 October 2018

Sophie Denman was invited to attend the "Women's Words" Reception in the presence of Their Royal Highnesses the Duke and Duchess of Sussex at Government House, Wellington to represent Sophies Angels along side other industry leads from around the country.

Stuff Article: (Link)

13 October 2018

Is it still safe to get a taxi when you're drunk and a woman? An article from Stuff that Sophie was interviewed to comment in.

One News Article: (Link)

3 July 2018

The Wellington taxi driver on a mission to provide safer transport for women. Sophie Denman’s female-focussed passenger service, Sophies Angels, was started after her own experience with sexual assault. An article from one news about our new Angel System.

Stuff Article: (Link)

6 May 2018

Wellington bars to offer 'angel shots' for women who feel unsafe on a night out. Sophie Denman is the woman behind Sophie's Angels, a female-focused taxi service to help keep women safe in Wellington. An article from about the Sophies Angels Angel System.

Stuff Article: (Link)

24 June 2018

'Culture change' needed to make Wellington NZ's first sexual abuse free city. Students Sophie Lee, Leah Bell and Emily Blunt say Wellington can be a sexual violence free city. An article from about Wellington Culture.

The Edge Radio Interview: (Link)

27 April 2018

The Edge radio interview with Dom, Meg & Randell. (Interview @ 1:03)

MoreFM Radio Interview: (Link)

7 April 2018

MoreFM Radio interview with Polly and Grant.

One News Article: (Link)

4 April 2017

Young woman comes up with all-female passenger service aimed at getting females in Wellington home safely. Seven Sharp caught a ride with the founder of 'Sophie's Angels'. Seven Sharp article and interview with Sophie Denman.

Stuff Article: (Link)

28 March 2017

It's a story about a service for women by women, so why are men dominating the discussion? Sophie's Angels owner Sophie Denman started the women-only taxi service to help keep women safe in Wellington. Naturally, some men on Facebook took issue with that. An article from Stuff about media backlash from men.

NZ Herald Article: (Link)

27 March 2017

Taxi service just for women. Sophie Denman of Sophie's Angels, a new women-only taxi service operating in Wellington. An article from NZ Herald about Sophies Angels.

News Talk ZB Interview with Mike Hosking: (Link)

27 March 2017

Women-only taxi service launched in Wellington. Interview with Mike Hosking.

Stuff Article: (Link)

26 March 2017

Women-only taxi service 'to protect other women from assaults'. Sophie's Angels owner Sophie Denman has started a women-only taxi service to help keep women safe in Wellington. An article from about Sophies Angels.