Supporting those in need in our community is an important task.

One of our major goals for 2018 is to implement the 'Angel Card' system here in Wellington which helps bars/establishments to get customers home when they are in distress.

Emergency Service:

We will also be setting up as an emergency pick up service in the near future after the launch of our Angel Cards. This will be a service to assist women in need. Whether before or after an assault, this company wants to be able to help those women to get them home safe as well as get them the help they need.

We see ourselves developing a relationship with the police, community support groups and the government.


Another way we will increase the safety and security of all involved, is to have security cameras installed in every car that will live stream to HQ where the data is kept for emergencies and investigating driver/passenger misconduct.


Drivers will have a flexible schedule for work to help adjust with each woman’s busy personal life. This will include maternity leave, flexible shifts around university exams and school holidays as well as an open, friendly supportive environment to work in.


Passengers should enjoy fun safe rides, with the ability to call and book in advance, book their favourite driver as well as the option of booking a quick ride through an app. The rider will also know the exact price of the journey before they get in the car.

Safety for our Passengers

Safety for our Drivers

Safety for those in our communities